Brussels, European capital and much more!

Welcome to Hey Appart-Hotel, your ideal starting point for an enriching city trip experience in Brussels. Begin your adventure in the welcoming neighbourhood of Anderlecht, a safe and lively place.

The city center

Discover the historic center of Brussels.

15 minutes from the apartment-hotel, the Grand-Place, the Town Hall, and the Maison du Roi invite you to immerse yourself in a rich heritage.

Have a stroll through the genuine cobbled streets, discover shops and cafes, and feel the energy of this bustling capital.


Explore the Anderlecht neighbourhood, the birthplace of Hey Appart-Hotel, a lively and multicultural place.

Wander its historic alleys and bustling markets to discover a unique facet of Brussels.

Far from any clichés, Anderlecht offers a welcoming and dynamic environment. Don't forget to visit the double Michelin-starred restaurant La Paix or the authentic Frietkot nearby, reflecting the warm and revitalized spirit of Anderlecht.

Cultural heritage

Explore Brussels by visiting the Royal Palace and its famous Royal Greenhouses of Laeken in spring.

Brussels museums burst with artistic and cultural treasures. From the Magritte Museum to the Horta Museum for architecture enthusiasts, your stay will be a true cultural odyssey through the capital.

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